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Nord-Østerdalsutstillinga 2018

Tynset municipality and Tynset Kunstlag welcome you to Nord-Østerdalsutstillinga (North East Valley Exhibition) 2018, a summer exhibition in Galleri Elgen in Tynset, Norway. The exhibition will be open from June 23 to August 22.

The idea behind the exhibition is to promote and show a wide range of artists who are currently working in and outside the North East Valley. 22 artists are participating, all related to municipalities in the North East Valley: Folldal, Alvdal, Tynset, Tolga and Os. The exhibition shows a variety of different expressions: painting, printmaking, drawing, photo and sculpture. I am participating with three acrylic paintings.

The exhibition will be opened on June 23 at 1 PM by textile artist Randi Nygaard Lium, and there will be poetry reading by Ola Jonsmoen.


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