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Jackson's Open Painting Prize - Longlist

I got through with the acrylic painting Leaf of Life in Jackson's Open Painting Prize 2017, of 2,200 contributions, 220 has been selected for the longlist:

"Jackson’s Open Painting Prize 2017 received over 2,200 entries from around the world, displaying an amazing array of technique, imagination and skill. We are happy to announce after a week of judging and deliberating that the longlist has been decided! The standard of work was so high that it made narrowing down the entries very difficult."

Here is my artwork description:

"As the dying leaf lies peacefully in the last gloating rays of sunlight, the purple blue complimentary shadow sets a more vivifying placement of the composition. The painting is partly realistic, but as it drags you into another dimension at the right part of the leaf, it suddenly becomes surrealistic.

An upside-down sky with a glimpse of a few clouds here shows that there’s another “world” on the other side. The clear blue complimentary colour creates even a deeper zooming effect towards the other dimension against the pale sand-yellow toned surrounding of reality.

The dying leaf in this painting symbolises times when things are not going that well in life, when there is a breaking point in life and you find yourself a bit lost. That is when you realise that “this too shall pass”.. and suddenly you’ll see that there’s hope and a whole other “world” on the other side.

The more frisky blue colour of the sky is hinting that the new beginning on the other side, might not be as bad as you have thought, rather quite positive with less illusions. The motive with one leaf lying on a bare ground by itself surrounded by only a few tiny rocks, is about the search for inner peace.

The message of the painting is also that, life is not over after death... it’s more like a new beginning!"

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